About The Credit Lady

The Credit Lady, officially known as Miranda J. Harris is broker/owner of Southern Girlz Real Estate Group, and hails from the bayou state of Louisiana.  She studied pre-law at the University of Texas, San Antonio but elected to forgo law school because of the love she gained for helping consumers purchase autos.   Miranda developed a sincere passion for helping people improve their credit score while working in the auto industry as a finance manager.  That experience carried over into her real estate career and became a valuable asset when the real estate market crashed in 2008.  

It was this strong background in understanding credit and a bulldog tenacity that allowed Miranda to help many people realize the American Dream of Homeownership.  But the reality of truly changing people’s lives forever and help not just purchase homes or auto’s, but change their life came when she partnered with A+ rated credit professionals.  She formed a strong team with professionals that had the proven track record of permanently removing derogatory items from clients’ credit and helping them build a positive credit history.  Miranda believes and teaches “Great credit is power”.

It was these partnerships that expanded her vision to reach people from coast to coast offering an opportunity to gain control of their financial lives by significantly changing their credit score and understanding the system of credit to protect and continue to develop buying power.

The Credit Lady organization does not directly provide credit restoration or credit repair services to consumers or business owners.  It is through the reputable partnerships that has been created over the years that lives are being changed through the office of the Credit Lady.

Our organization does work with companies needing credit worthy clients like the auto industry, mortgage industry and real estate industry.  We provide credit and finance workshops to groups and organizations churches, fraternities, sororities, etc. helping to teach the credit system and bring financial literacy to consumers.

Gain the buying power you desire by calling the Credit Lady TODAY to get a new start at a strong personal and/or business credit file.  Your failure to take immediate action will only result in continued delay and frustration, so, make the call TODAY to begin the rest of your credit life!

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