"My credit score went from a 622 to 685 in less than 60 days... thank you!" - C. Crawford

"Good morning Miranda. I just wanted to share some good news with you. My equifax went from a 457 to 575 in less than 30 days. I know my score is still low but thats 118 points in a month. UCES has showed me promise. I now know that I will be credit ready soon. I have the equifax monthly monitoring services. I printed my score when I began and received email from equifax stating I have a change in my score. I printed the report and saw the increase? - Leslie Baird-Wallace, Posted on Credit Lady fan page Facebook

"Thanks to Miranda, the Credit Lady, my husband and I was able to purchase our first home. The kids are happy & we are very pleased with her services. We would recommend anyone having issues with your credit, not to give up, bu please call & speak to her and her team of professionals. It took us less than a year. Thanks, once again to the Credit Lady." - Alfonso & Niesha Kitchens

"Thanks to enrolling in your credit program, I was able to increase my score and qualify to build a new home in New Orleans". - Robert

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