Personal Credit Restoration/Repair

Life has happened to many of us, causing a decline in our credit score and the Credit Lady is no exception.  Whether your credit was damaged by divorce, loss of a job, loss of income or just not understanding how credit works, a good credit score remains an essential part of our financial life. With approximately 60% of employers using credit as part of their hiring process it could be vital to getting or maintaining employment so you want to take action before you have your need for good credit tested.

Our credit repair/credit restoration partners use a couple of different methods in leveraging consumers rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to hold the credit grantors and credit bureaus accountable, and in doing so are able to have much or all of the derogatory items removed permanently from your credit file, including inquiries.

You see, I questioned whether someone could truly have derogatory items removed legally from my credit file when the real estate market crashed causing a significant decrease in income and horrible credit.  Let me say, I am not just the owner of The Credit Lady 777, LLC, I was the first client to have items permanently removed from my credit file and regain an excellent credit rating that restored BUYING POWER!

You see, I understand what it’s like to be a good, responsible person but have “life happen” and because of a low credit score you are perceived as an irresponsible person and quite truthfully, embarrassed in many accounts because you’re unable to rent, purchase or gain the credit you desire.

Our company has established two separate and independent partnerships with experts that have been in the credit industry over 25 years and in business since 2004.

Both systems have sustained years of excellent results and depending on your scenario you would elect the best option for you.

Option 1:


Disputes and investigates all derogatory items in your credit file leveraging your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Most clients begin to see significant results within 60-90 days. There is no guarantee all negative items and/or inquiries will be removed; however, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee assures you that your credit score will be significantly increased over about a year’s timeframe.

Option 2:

Get Credit Repair, Credit Building Tools and Protect your family for ONLY $89/mo.

The Protection Plan Includes:

  • Credit Restoration
  • Smart Credit Credit Monitoring
  • Credit Attorney
  • Life Lock
  • and many other services, please visit